Monday, 11 March 2013

My Passion Project

Recently Room 6 had to do a project on our passions called “Passion Projects”.
We could present it in any way we liked and I decided to do mine on a Science Board.
I did it on snorkelling and to show you what it looks like here are some pictures.

I hoped you like my Passion Project pictures.

By Kara


  1. Wow! It looks just as fantastic in your photos as it does in real life! Come check it out in Room 6 everyone! Well done Kara, great presentation skills and i loved the way you categorised all your information! Miss S

  2. Great Work Kara!! i really like how much colour you've put into it

  3. AMAZING WORK KARA!! I like how you made flaps that had facts underneath. It was really creative. I haven't been snorkeling
    yet but i would love too!

    1. Hi Helen, that's really cool of you to say that. If you ever go snorkelling you can always look at my science board for tips!