Friday, 22 February 2013

Our Co-constructed Success Criteria 

Room 6’s Passion Projects
Something you enjoy doing
Something that you like
It means something to you
Something that you’re born to do


It has a lot of planning
You have to research you’re passion
Display it in some way for our class, our teacher and our school
Homework, do some at home
Glogster – online poster/videos/photos
Present – virtual or 2D
Science/Bulletin  boards
Powerpoint/MS Word/MS Publisher
3D display


2 Weeks from Thursday 31st January
Due: February 13th

Things we need to remember?

After research, put any ideas and information in your own words
Keep an eye on the due date
Use your time wisely

Skills we will need to use?

Keywords when researching
Know what you’re researching
Skimming and scanning info
Use headings, titles and keywords
Note taking
Hand write or copy and paste into a word document


  1. I thought this was a really cool idea. So great that the kids got to take the reins and be leaders/directors of their own learning. Awesome!

  2. Passion projects was such a cool idea and I loved how everyone had different ideas. No-one copied!